My work has been showcased on many exhibitions, including ones in:

  • Art Gallery Warsaw
  • Wars and Sawa
  • Kafka
  • Leniviec
  • BWA

Social proof
  • Cooperation with Miss Paulina was kept on very high standard – both substantial and interpersonal. Rich knowledge in graphics, IT tools, and photography field, her experience in work organisation, as well as her creativity – all these set foundation that we – as a board of directors – can depend on.

    Pos Vision – Christoph Michalak

  • One of the best ways to make a good first impression is through eye contact, and that is exactly what Paulina Boczar photography does. At the first glance of this photographic series, you’ll know it means business.

    Just by looking through this Paulina Boczar photography it is clear that this artist is able to capture raw emotion from her muses perfectly. Each of the models featured in this photographic series looks candid and real.

    This Paulina Boczar photography has a cool way of capturing people in their most natural state, whether it be smoking a cigarette, playing with a bubble or wearing a sequined mask. This Polish photographer favors photo manipulation to play with colors and lighting. Paulina Boczar photography will have you staring with seduction at each and every shot.


  • While working for our company, Miss Paulina showed great experience in Corporate Identity field, as well as rich Public Relations domain knowledge. (…) She’s an independent, scrupulous and commited person, who does her work well and within set deadline. (…) With full responsibility, I can recommend miss Paulina Boczar. She will manage every, even most ambitious tasks and will be able to meet the expectations of most demanding employer.

    Solomo SP. z o o – Miłosz Wójcik

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