Emma’s room reveal

I’m receiving a lot of questions about Emma’s room, so I’ve decided to describe everything from the beginning.

Arrangement 1 – Newborn’s room

The first layout for newborn’s room was very classic and dominated by whites. Filled with a beautiful set of Pinio furniture.

It’s a bit hard to believe it’s already been a year an half. Look at those tiny clothes!

The room was a perfect fit when Ema was little, but have to admit, she didn’t spend a lot of time there. Through first few months she spent big chunk of her day eating – and at night she slept in an extension.


First layout changes

When Emma grew up a bit we had to change the arrangement also – it had to fit a feeding armchair, we needed better access to a changing table, and she needed more space to play. However, she still slept in an attachment bed in our bedroom.


Rooms switcharoo

The first big change happened when Emma started to sleep in her own room. Turned out the room is too bright and hot in the summer, roof windows are too loud when its raining – and it was getting cold too fast in the winter. That’s why we’ve traded our bedroom with Emma’s room.

Initial arrangement was temporary, it was all about a quick switch.

 That’s why I don’t really have any proper photos from that time (you could have seen the situation development on my Instagram stories). Here are a couple of random photos.

I regret a bit not having much besides a few movies of questionable quality.

Arrangement 2 – Toddler / mini junior room

And finally what you’ve been waiting for. First photos of new layout, still with Pinio furniture.

At first glance, you can see a photo wallpaper from ColoRay. I wanted to put some life into the room, but still keep it consistent with general color scheme. Although I always tried to avoid pink, I got defeated in the end – and here’s me, the any-pink, getting a wallpaper with pink peonies.

The bed got a canopy from Olafik handmade and it’s awesome. It softens the sounds a bit, gives it a little shade and looks great. And it’s pink. Again.

Inside the bed, you can see we’re still using Sleephyheadofsweded (as we have been since Emma’s first day in this world – we’re just changing sizes). I also recommend the Snapthemoment bedding. It’s soft and we love it! There’s also a whisbear, also present since pretty much the beginning.

There’s also a new chandelier! A bit more girly and glam.

I’ve created a chill space in here – Emma can enjoy all the fluffy, decorative pillows (Poduchy Martuchy, Collegien) and her favorite mascots in baskets (Cuddleandkind and Justdutch). On the floor, there’s ultrasoft blanket from Santorini.

On the other side, there’s a rocker donkey from Nattou and baskets with toys from Tellkido and Lorena Canals and sorters from Kinds Concept and Little Dutch.

On the floor, you can see a foam mat. It covers all the floors in Emma’s room and there’s a soft carpet on it. I wanted it to be safe and comfy.

We got curtains and beautiful ornaments from Cardboardhunters, plus Skiphop projectors (which include lullabies).

Shelves are perfect for stuff Emma shouldn’t have easy access to (like thermostat, glass, flowers) and some decorations.

Here you can see also an abacus from Tender and cute, Sorter – Janod, Little Belle Light lamp, boxes from Kidsconcept, shoes from Maashoes. Clothes hanging out there are Littledeerhandmade and Estherandjo (Pictures are precisely tagged on Instagram @beyouspirit ).

Play area – Jabaadabo kitchen, tea party set from Tenderandcute, Littledreamboutique stools, decorative “Lulaki”, there’s also a Kidsconcept  ball circuit, cards from Kapitan Nauka and plenty more (check out the Instagram @beyouspirit)


And last one – the wardrobe. It took a lot of work but was worth it ; )

Mrs. Mighetto posters, Shoes – amongst the others there are a lot of Bobux models and ones from Babyshop.com. You’ll find more tags on Instagram!

A quick comparison of nursery vs toddler room – how do you like it? : )