Christmas gift guide

I love Christmas. It’s such a magical time that even cold outside doesn’t bother me. The city never looks more beautiful — all those lights, Christmas tree, and decorated houses. I love it. Besides it being the prettiest time of year it’s also a time of gifts. It’s such a great tradition, especially for children. Unwrapping presents under the Christmas tree, this tension and excitement – what did Santa bring us. There’s a noticeable pressure on parents, after all, Santa should perform.

Yes, yes, children need to be taught that gifts are not that important, that they are not everything and not the point. But when I see the flash in my child’s eye when she gets something that makes her happy – it makes me think it’s an important aspect :) In the end, how many such opportunities is there during a year, when a child is waiting for all those beautifully wrapped boxes.

I gathered a few companies that I could recommend in this annual Christmas gift guide. I’ve divided them into several categories.

Learn / Play

Number 1 on my list is an educational piece — cards from Captain Science. We have those cards for some time now, and I have to say, Emma loves them. Now with some more understanding, stares at them and listens how I call objects or colors presented on them. At first, she used them mostly to take out / put into the box, but even that kept her interested for quite a while.

Kapitan Nauka

If I would have to point one thing that’s most educational, from all the things we have, I’d pick those cards. Now every other toy is called “educational”. And no, I wasn’t that smart from the beginning. Sometimes, when I got to the store, I got carried away – “wow it’s all so cool, and Emma doesn’t have it, I’m such a bad mother.” Nothing of those things ever taught her anything. Kids play with them, of course, because there are music, lights and plenty of other incentives. But science shows that educational toys often have the opposite influence on kids. Why? Because parent gives such toy to a child and does his own thing. With classic books, you need to sit down with a kid, read to him, show him things – nothings sings to him by itself. Maybe it’s worth remembering before you’ll pay well over actual worth for something “educational.” For us, those educational toys are in pen – a place when Emma lands for a few minutes each when I need to do something and can’t take care of her for a moment. So in any way they don’t obstruct our play, don’t eliminate our talks, etc. And for this moment she has two interactive toys in there. Everything else that she has in her room is wooden sorters, wooden blocks, books, kitchen and plenty more. And books-wise, I can recommend Pucio series.

Dla czytelników z Polski – kilka słów o autorce:

Marta Galewska – Kustra jest doświadczonym pedagogiem dziecięcym, pedagogiem twórczości, a przede wszystkim logopedą. Posiada tytuł doktora nauk humanistycznych w zakresie pedagogiki – jest adiunktem w Akademii Pedagogiki Specjalnej im. Marii Grzegorzewskiej w Warszawie, prowadzi praktykę logopedyczną. Absolwentka Wydziału Nauk o Wychowaniu Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego. Autorka wielu publikacji poświęconych twórczego rozwoju dzieci i młodzieży.


Roleplaying is for a bit older children, but you can think about buying a stroller for dolls for a year old. Besides the fact that they look beautiful, they are also entertaining to play with. Handmade product.

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While we’re at roleplaying, it’s worth considering buying a mini tea set. A tea party is probably one of the favorite activities for 2-3-year-olds, but even older girls love beautiful dresses and tea with friends.

Tender sklep

Ditty Bird books – still one of Emma’s favorites. Why? Kids love to search and push buttons, which in this case is rewarded with lovely songs. Also, in a book about animals, there are additionally sensory elements.

Ditty Bird

Something that will last for years.

It’s a great idea to create an album. Since I’ve discovered it exists, I order one every three months. Sure, you have to “design it” in a predefined template, but it’s as easy as dragging and dropping some photos from your disc to a website. You don’t have to buy albums and spend hours on archiving printouts chronologically.

Merci Maman – beautiful  for older children ( 15% off  until xmas )

Merci Maman is a timeless brand offering original and charming personalised jewellery. Merci Maman — ‘Thank you Mummy’ — is a nod to the creators’ French roots and the original celebration of the mother and child bond. The hand-engraved jewellery is now loved by women of all ages and is even treasured by royalty – The Duchess of Cambridge wears a Merci Maman necklace engraved with Prince George’s name!

Every gift is personalised and hand-engraved with elegance and precision.

Merci Maman Boutique

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If you don’t allocate a larget budget on that on a daily basis, it might be a good idea to get some bigger set, for example from Mustella. Personally, I think that skin nourishing is very important in the case of little children. It will never be so delicate, sensitive and prone to irritation. The way you’ll take care of it right now will profit the child in the long run. We’re fans of 2 brands, but right now we use Mustella. After testing a series of their cosmetics, I stick to them. I didn’t replace anything. During the winter season, we use cold cream series, it’s great! Same goes for face/body water. I even got their mini baby perfume, and Emma loves it.


Good shoes are a basis for a child that makes its first steps. Children shouldn’t wear boots after someone else; they always should have brand new ones, best if it’s from a certified brand. I recommend Bobux. We have a ton of models from them (maybe even all of them) – winter shoes, ballerinas, sandals, sneakers, slippers, boots. Their quality and design are absolutely astonishing, makes it worth any money – and when it comes to shoes, you should never save on those.