Founder of BITE ME - pet accessories brand & BE YOU SPIRIT - design & lifestyle

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Be You Spirit site, which came to life in 2015 is continuation of my portfolio, extended by a blog, store, inspirations and everything I love or think is “cool”.

Creative director by trade. During last few years I have led marketing divisions in big corporations, and at the same time created and managed my creative studio, a place of birth of many designs and photoshoots.
Right now I’m a CEO of BITEME, premium handmade pet accessories brand which I founded. Also, I still work with clients in my creative studio.

Be You Spirit is a platform where I collect everything I’m involved and / or interested in.

Thanks to my long-lasting interest in architecture and interior design you’ll find a ton of inspiration on these subjects in here, involving places, buildings, interiors hotels and many more. I love minimalism, both in my work life and style.

Design & lifestyle
In a bit lower amounts, but I’ll also write about design (like great free fonts). There will also be lifestyle notes (like tips for going through the job interview).

MY biggest love is my french bulldog Sandy, then sushi and fruit salads in colourful little cafes (oh, and I’m vegetarian), antique shops, vintage mustangs and… my camera.

Publications & Cooperation:
  • New Look
  • Trendhunter
  • Specto Models
  • RTRO
  • Shoot for Your Life
  • Magnetica Magazine
  • Ballad of…
  • Mad & Mad Magazine
  • Hiro Magazine
  • Art Gallery Warsaw
  • Wars and Sawa
  • Kafka
  • Leniviec
  • BWA

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