Which country provides best working conditions?

If you’re dreaming about a perfect job, where you won’t have to work for 12 hours a day, where salary will provide you with a decent life, where you will be appreciated and bonuses will make you smile – it’s worth taking a look at OECED (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) statistics.

It’s better to check it out when you’re still young and travelling or foreign languages are really any barriers for you – so that you can find a place where you’d be able to accommodate with ease.
So, which country shows the highest life and work conditions?

According to OECED studies:
In terms of average work hours it seems like the best choices would be Germany or Netherlands. Not far behind there are France, Denmark, Belgium and Ireland.

It could seem that if people work less, their salaries are lower – nothing further from the truth! In relation to the work hours, their salaries are surprisingly high.

However, according to OECED, the highest pays are in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Ireland and Australia.

If we take all the factors into account, I can say without a surprise, that on country that’s worth attention is Germany. It has one of the lowest amounts of weekly work hours and, at the same time, very high average salaries. Perfect life comfort vs work balance. There’s time for family, hobby, and your home budget won’t suffer at all.

I also wasn’t surprised by Denmark, which according OECED is number 1 when it comes to work-life balance. 34 days of paid vacation, high salaries and only 0.04% of people work more than 50 hours a week.

It’s also worth it to think about France or Finland – 40 days of paid vacation, and same as in Denmark – in Finland only 0.04% of people work more than 50 hours a week.

Netherlands – average weekly work hours – 27.6(!), 28 days of paid vacation and very high salaries, despite such low amount of work hours.

And which country has the most free days?
In Brazil, you’ll get as much as 41 paid vacation days : )