What you should know before taking your french bulldog for holidays

While driving a car with a pup, you should fulfill some specific conditions. First of all, include regular pauses, optimally every 1 or 2 hours. This will let your dog stretch its legs and settle its personal needs. During a ride, it needs to be provided with fresh water, especially when it’s hot outside.

French bulldogs often suffer from motion sickness, then it’s recommended to use pharmacological measures. I can recommend Cocculinum, it’s best to give it to your puppy just before leaving, and then every two hours during the ride. Also, it’s not recommended to feed the dog before the ride.


Bulldogs summer first-aid kit

French bulldogs are very specific breed, which requires particular care. Before going out of town, you should get some medical supplies.

Hydrocortisone – it’s a steroid used in case of bites, swellings or burnings caused by plants.
Dexafort – steroid with prolonged action used only in emergency cases of poisoning
Nifuroxazidum – used in case of diarrhoea
Rimadyl – non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug
Manusan – bathing lotion, used when a dog shows symptoms of sea water allergy (should also be used with Dexafort)
Pyralginum – Preparation for cleaning eyes, ears and paws
Sedalin – used in case of motion sickness

All these are drugs that should be included in every pups first-aid kit. Of course, there might be more, depending on dogs condition and vets recommendation (who should be consulted before the trip).