What they don’t teach you at school

Education is very important, no doubt about that – however, don’t you feel that many schools teach you about stuff you’ll never use in your day to day life? School shapes young people, that’s where we make first friendships and grow up, getting ready to adult life – but you have to remember, it won’t teach you everything that’s important.

What you won’t learn in school?

First of all, so called Netiquette. When I conduct recruitment and go through applications of young people, often students, I feel like they have no idea how to write an official email. What else have I stumbled upon in my professional life? People tend to forget that their pc is often monitored by a company. So try not to click everything you see, especially when it might be NSFW. Your employer won’t ask if you got there by an accident.

How to negotiate.

You’ve probably heard how employers complain about very restitutionary attitude of the applicants. It’s not like company doesn’t want to provide a good working conditions for you. But it’s rather not profitable to be insolent, demanding or just simply rude during the talk with a potential employer.
On the other side, there are people who are afraid to ask about things that are due to them because they are scared they’ll seem selfish. You have to find a balance in all this and know boundaries of a good taste, while also not forgetting about your needs.

Loyalty and being accountable.

In your adult life you have to take responsibility for your words and actions. It’s not more a time of your life when you can say that a dog ate your homework. Don’t make up silly explanations. Take responsibility for what you’ve done.

Unfortunately, in Poland theres still a lot of people that can’t talk with others. That mostly applies to managers. They have to learn how to achieve something and get what they need, while being polite at the same time. It’s also important how you give information e.g over the phone, how do you talk with companies clients, how you deal with critique and negative feedback. These things are often very constructive and it’s worth listening and thinking about it. If the feedback is simply rude, it’s also important to just get over it and move on.

As you can see there’s a lot of things that need perfecting, even after the best of schools. People learn throughout their whole life, internet provides a ton of courses which will help you, for example, how not to panic when answering the phone call. It’s as simple as creating a business formula, or what your communication should be like. In a world of work, even on whatsapp after hours there are certain rules, which value you should know to always leave the best impression of you.