The perfect warm-weather party pleaser

During hot summer days there’s nothing better that refreshing drinks, right? And what if you serve your favourite drinks as delicious ice cream? It’s brilliant and really easy to do! Just take a look.

 lody4 lody5


3 cups of tonic
1.5 oz. of Gin
Half of lime, juiced
0.5 cup of cucumber slices

You prepare it pretty much the same way as drinks:
Mix together tonic, gin and lime juice. Place cucumber slices inside popsicle molds, then pour in gin and tonic mix. Next just leave it in a freezer for a few hours and it’s ready. Simple, isn’t it?


Second one, maroon ice-cream is a frozen cherry yoghurt with pieces of fruit. Nothing easier – you pour yoghurt to a cup, add some mint if you want to and leave it in a freezer overnight : )