The fall office makeup

Office makeup shouldn’t be too bold. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear it at all. I personally like smokey eyes. And that’s my perfect solution, probably in every possible situation : )
But… who has the time in the morning to spend it all on your makeup.
It’s good to have a system – a way of creating makeup fast and well, and that would make you feel comfortable. For that, you’ll need reliable products.


I have recently discovered Elizabeth Mott brand. I’m especially happy with their mascara. Till now, I’ve been using those from Dior or Lancome. But “It’s so big” mascara from Elizabeth Mott has really put a spell on me. It enlarged my eyelashes both in length and thickness and additionally gave them very deep black shade (Which is very important for me). You don’t have to sit in front of a mirror for 30 minutes brushing your eyelashes anymore. I prefer to put on 2 layers, just to be sure, but I think for most of people will be really happy with just one layer.

itssobig2_grande m1 m3

Because there’s often not enough time for proper smokey eye – I just use two shades. Light and dark, connected in the middle to make a gentle transition : )
Today I used POP! GOES THE SHADOW CHAMPAGNE – and it’s awesome! It perfectly brightened the eye and it doesn’t crumble. I’m not a person that goes everywhere with her cosmetics bag, so I want shadows to last for a long time.  POP! GOES THE SHADOW CHAMPAGNE passed my exam with an A!

m9 newpopblack_grande newpopchampagne_grande

In the end, I like to emphasise eyebrows and bone cheeks. It doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes! If you don’t have time in the morning and you like a bit bolder makeup, you should be happy with the final outcome.


Elizabeth Mott products can be found on webpage, on facebook page – and of course on instagram – follow them to be in touch with latest news : )

newpopchampagne_grande newpopblack_grande itssobig2_grande