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Unfortunately a lot of people still forget that content published in the internet is still copyrighted. It means you can’t use them for commercial project without authors agreement. Luckily for a lot of marketers, there are some sites that offer free content for such projects, which you can use in you promotional materials, ads, in the internet or printed, or even as parts of websites design.

One of the most interesting ones I’ve found is – photographer, Ryan McGuire shares his work without any limits. He doesn’t require attribution, but it’s nice to attach one.

Another service, created by a designer sharing his photos without any limits is

Other worth noticing:

One interesting service is – where you can find old pictures from public archives, so if you’re looking for vintage photos, that’s a perfect place for you.

There are also some services focused on sharing photos in specific categories, for example:

Not many people decide to share their material sources. To make it easier for some of you, here are some useful links:


Logos, Symbols, Icons:


Adobe Kuler
Color Hunter
Design Seeds

Surely everyone has heard about Adobe or Corel software, still, there are some alternatives that allow content creation online:

Canva – A place where you can create graphics for specific social media services, infographics, posters, business cards, presentations and ads.

Pic Monkey – Photo editor
Recite – Quotes editor / manager
Piktochart – Infographics
Typeform – Poll forms creator – Summaries, analyticsm infographics