Me & my french bulldog

I can’t believe sandy is 6 months old already. I have been looking forward to buying a dog for a long time, and I think it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.


Since Sandy is with me, my life has changed completely, flipped upside down. My priorities have changed, as well as my way of thinking. There are however a few things, which you need to think over before making such decision. You need to get ready before the puppy arrives, be sure you can create a great home for it and provide a good care.

First of all, you need to think about your lifestyle, how much you will be able to give to your puppy and how much money it actually takes to take care for a new member of a household.


I have decided to get a french bulldog – little dog with a big heart – which turned out to be a jackpot. Sandy is fairly small, very friendly, sensitive and smart – she learns new commands very quickly. Although, because of her built-in stubbornness I have to be very consistent in our actions. She came to my house quite some time earlier than she should, which makes her even more attached to me. Whenever I leave, even for a few hours, she greets my like we were split for weeks. She loves laying around on my knees, being in a centre of attention. I can’t say “no” to her, whenever she wants anything she just sits in front of me and keeps staring with her begging, cutest eyes ever. She could melt an ice cold heart.

Sandy adores children, whenever she sees any, she just GOES, running supper happy to say hi :)

She’s a real attention seeker, doesn’t like it when I don’t have much time to spend with her – hates being alone in general. And that’s one thing you have to keep in mind with this race, you need to make sure you won’t leave it alone for too long or too often. Also, contrary to popular opinions, she LOVES to move. She’s constantly full of energy, definitely not a sleeper, as these dogs are often perceived.


French bulldogs don’t like high temperatures, so when there’s heat outside you should provide them with cool, quiet place to rest, as well as a lot of clean, fresh water. At these times you shouldn’t take them for a long walks or leave anywhere where they won’t be able to hide from the sun.

When it comes to nursing, you should comb their coat using rubber brush, to take out the excess of dead hair. You should also remember to take care of their muzzle folds and around the eyes. These are very sensitive spots and when neglected, they can lead to painful chafes. Also, from time to time you should clean their ears and bath them.

In the beginning I’ve said about the costs of a dog. It’s not only getting a dog and accessories itself. There are also vet visits, which in case of french bulldogs can be pretty often, because they tend to be pretty sickly. However, I wouldn’t say that they are sick more often than other pure racial dogs (our vet said that if we’d like an always healthy one, we should get a mongrel).


Sandy have been sick a bit already, right after getting to me she got cold (it was winter time, transport probably didn’t suit her…). Luckily she got better quickly, with some help of antibiotics, pills and injections. You should also observe their eyes, remember about keeping them clean.

All in all, I can’t imagine a life without my Sandy right now, and I’m really glad she’s with me. She’s the most lovely, faithful and loyal little creature. Before she came to my life, when I’ve seen other people treating their puppies like little children, I have to say that – I thought they’re a little weird. But now I have become one of them. It’s probably hard to understand before you get on yourself :)