Hairstyle than will make your face look slimmer

As we all know, we can pick slimming clothes, emphasise our assets and mask imperfections. Same way, there are hairstyles that will help us make our faces look slimmer. One of those haircuts is “longer bob” – or so called “lob”.

I’m a fan of this hairstyle for a while, but I’m still afraid that I would regret my long hair : ) Nevertheless, it’s one of a hotter trends keeping its place position a few months now.

Fresh, sassy and beyond practical lob is a perfect solution, especially if your hair are susceptible to curling. Personally I wouldn’t recommend ombre, but bright threads would look fabulous.

Famous lob were worn by Coco Chanel or Elizabeth Taylor. Seems like 2015 is a year of modern lob – longer bob.

Some inspirations below:

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