Get motivated – stories about famous, ill models

Looking at people around me I see that not many women really believes in their abilities and skills. They often say that they can’t do something, that it won’t work, that they aren’t skilled / smart / attractive enough. I’ll show you a few women that had to face serious obstacles, and yet succeeded.

Meet Aimee Mullins – a woman who got both legs amputated, when she was one year old. It didn’t stop her from becoming a sportswoman, actress and model. There’s more – People magazine has put her in a list of 50 most beautiful people.


Melanie Gaydos – she suffers from hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia. It’s a sickness that causes incorrect formation of hair, teeth and nails. It didn’t stop her from becoming a model, she also starred in Rammstein video.


Moffy is cross-eyed and well know model. She’s under the wings of agency that took care of, among others, Kate Moss.


Jillian Mercado – some of you probably recognise her. She suffers from muscular dystrophy and in consequence – she moves around in a wheelchair. It didn’t stop her from being a blogger and recently becoming the face of Diesel brand.


Chantelle Harlow, who suffers from albinism. It’s a sickness that consists of skin depigmentation – melanocytes are dying and white patches appear on the body. It’s not something you can cover, especially with such swarthy carnation.
I admire her for her will to fight and motivation. She made it to American Next Top Model, took part in many campaigns and nowadays she’s doing a brilliant career in modelling industry.


And for the end – Connie-Rose Seaburn. She’s 23 months old, has Down syndrome and 2 modelling agencies contracts. She works with best photographers. A lot of teenagers could envy this little brit her career : )