Cleaning with bObi Pet

We recently moved into a new home and quickly got to know how annoying it is to vacuum anything bigger than a flat. Luckily, bObsweep was there to help and supplied us with their bObi Pet robotic vacuum cleaner!

So, bObi is a one man (or a woman actually) army – she sweeps the dust and crumbs, vacuums, mops them pesky water spills, filters the air (got a HEPA filter for that) and disinfects the floor using her UV light, and what’s important, she does it all in one go. And from what we’ve tested, she does it all really well – floors ale clean, and the whole place generally feels “fresh” after bObi is done. Great cleaning coverage is achieved thanks to countless sensors.

Sandy is slowly getting used to her, but after all, bObi is here to, amongst the others, collect her hair that are literally everywhere, so she needs to deal with it. Right now they’re in some wicked kind of truce.

What I like about bObi is that (if that’s what you want) she’s pretty self-maintained. You can program what days on what hours she should run and from that point you just have to empty the dust bin from time to time or run her on demand on some localized spills or messes. All the control and programming is done using cool remote, which lets you do all that from anywhere at your house.

When bObi is done (or when low on power after cleaning my mess for half a day), she’ll just go back to her charging station and fill the batteries. If there’s a room where you don’t want her to go – just put a bObi blOck there and she’ll respect your privacy out there. On the other hand, she can actually reach places where you wouldn’t be able to clean with your ordinary vacuum cleaner – for us it was under the kitchen furniture – pretty much unreachable. And bObi? She just waltzed in there like there’s no tomorrow, bounced around for 10 minutes and came back like nothing happened. Cool!


Generally, couldn’t recommend bObi Pet more as she does a great job. We just have to teach her going up and down the stairs, one obstacle that is a bit above her capabilities. For now.