I believe that every one of us writes his own story and the only limit to ourselves – are us. I believe that everything’s possible. However, it’s true that some of us might have to go through a bit more than others to achieve their goals. If we believe in ourselves and our capabilities – we can achieve anything. No matter who we are – where we were born, how wealthy our families are or how many connections we “inherited”.

Of course, everything’s easier with all that but it’s definitely not true that without it we can’t do anything with our lives.

Most people close their minds hearing this, thinking “yeah, right”. I don’t like hearing that something is impossible, I don’t get it. I don’t like when people list problems instead of presenting solutions. With this attitude it will always be hard to break through a walls.

Watching other people success we mostly see just the final effect of years work. We don’t think about tons of issues these people had to go through on their way to the top. None thinks how many times they thought about letting it go, how many times they had to start from scratches and reevaluate everything, how many times they’ve lost all hope and got hurt.

Success is a word that means different things for different people. There’s no single definition. For some it will be a career, for others – love and family.
I’ve been taught over the years that life isn’t about persistent, tenacious pursuit for a goal. I can’t tolerate a rat race, I hate sociopathic outbursts and laziness.
Each one of us is an architect of his own fortune. If you don’t work hard for something, you’ll get nothing. And that doesn’t mean it has to be on someone else’s expense – follow your own path.

Also, don’t believe people saying that you don’t need higher education. Unless you have great ideas and a mind of Steve Jobs – that’s understandable. If you’re a master of your trade (like, let’s say, programmers – who by the way start learning their job at very young age) – you’ll be fine too. However, in many cases, high school shouldn’t be the final step of our education.

I don’t think that my time in university was a waste. I learned a lot (but I’ve been actually studying a lot). University gave me a lot of opportunities…
If you have a chance to learn – don’t throw it away without thinking, without precise plan and assurance that your knowledge and skills will be enough.
And it’s never too late to start your higher education.
It’s never too late to restart your life. It’s never too late for your own personal SUCCESS.

So if you’d like to do something with your life – just remember what I’ve said.

I’m writing all this with regard to a session, where I’ve been sporting fabulous Blisstulle dress on the streets of Beverly Hills. Every girl will feel like a princess in a dress like that. Like someone who have just won their life in a lottery. Someone who fulfils their dreams and pursues their goals, while not forgetting about moral values. Like a character from a Disney story, who doesn’t know ordinary, grey reality.

Big thanks to irreplaceable Renee for a great session and to Jamie for “making me pretty”.

Photos by Renee Bowen
Makeup & Hair Redbettie7 –

Beverly Hills, California
Venice, California
West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

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