Besafe iZi Go Modular

As we all know, babies require special attention while traveling, they need to be comfortable and extra safe so that even long drive will be a breeze. That’s why I went with Besafe iZi Go Modular, best one I could find that would provide all these features.

At first glance, it’s very sturdy and good-looking. Mounting is super easy, as the seat uses the ISOfix system – so 2 minutes, and the seat base is in place.

The base itself is really rock-solid and provides all the indicators that will assure you that it’s mounted properly (when it’s not, the indicators go red and it starts beeping) so you don’t have to worry that something’s not right – trust me, you’ll know. It’s also well adjustable (both horizontally and vertically + removable cushions), so will fit most of the cars and accommodate babies from 40 to 75cm tall (0-12months).

Placing the seat in a base also couldn’t be easier – one click and it’s done, same goes for its removal. The seat looks very comfy, it’s well padded (both EPS and foam) and all the fabrics (including the protective cover) are really nice. There’s also a huge, foldable sun canopy, so you won’t have to worry about your baby getting irritated by it. The seat is also compatible with plenty of strollers, so traveling will be even easier if you have one of them.

Now, the big thing – safety. I could go on and list all the certificates and awards that BeSafe iZi Go Modular system got, but that wouldn’t give that much information actually. So straight to the facts:
– 5 point safety harness (with magnets which help you manage it)
– Side impact safety pads
– Really solid, Isofix compatible base and fastenings
– Additional side impact protection module (SIP+)
– And last but not least – seems really well adjusted, solid and sturdy. Lets you believe that you baby will be fine in case of emergency.

There are also plenty of accessories that will make the seat very versatile and using it will be an even bigger pleasure. And it just looks really good which is maybe not crucial, but important for some. So if you’re on a lookout, or soon will be looking for a car seat for a baby – definitely go check Besafe offer out. I personally plan on getting next Besafe seat (1+ year) after my baby grows out of this current one :)


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