Apps everyone should know

They’ll help you at your work and diversify your social media presence. If you still don’t know them – test them out and you’ll never be able to work without them anymore.

My definite number one is PersonApp – it allows you to create a “person” of our focus group (define its features, interests, etc.).

Another interesting app is Google AdWords Keyword Planner. If you are interested in search engine optimisation, you can use it to check out related keywords based on given ones.

Pexels – always useful, free stock images search engine.

For people who don’t have and paid graphics software, or who want to quickly and effectively adjust create an infographic, there’s a great, free tool – Piktochart. You can also use Canva, simple and intuitive app to create simple graphics.

If you’re a copywriter, you mind find Content Idea Generator useful – it let’s you create great titles for given subject.

Social Media Ninjas often use Recite to enhance audience interest by using interesting quotes or aphorisms. Recite allows you to choose your own template for your text.

I didn’t test PowToon yet, but it’s in my personal queue. It’s description seems really interesting. It lets you create animated presentations and clips using predefined templates. Might be cool, right?

For facebook users, I’ve found two interesting apps:

Timeline Cover Banner – tool that lets create a great background image.

Facebook Audience Insights – stats about people visiting our profile, which allows you to filter and analyze a lot of data.