One of the crucial elements you should get before the baby comes is, you guessed it, a stroller. Thanks to ABC DESIGN we got the graphite grey TURBO 6 model, a great all around solution both for parents and a baby.

What I especially like about it is that it’s very flexible, meaning it works as a carrycot, as a base for baby car seat and as a regular stroller. It’s one system that grows with your baby and will always accommodate baby’s (and your) needs. Driving somewhere? No need to carry a frame, stroller and a car seat all separate. Just grab the car seat after you arrive and put it into the frame – and you’re done, ready for a walk.

Another big advantage is its wheels and in general – suspension. Looks really solid. Big rear wheels and double front wheels promise quality and comfortable ride. Really big plus for that.

One feature that’s awesome, but surprisingly rare amongst the strollers is that it’s reversible, no matter if you’re using carrycot or a just a seat itself – you can pick if you want it to be front- or back-facing. And the seat unit is in general well adjustable – you can fully adjust both backrest and footrest angle. Not surprisingly, the push-bar height is adjustable too, so there’s that for your own comfort. Of course, there’s also a HUGE sunshade that will make your baby comfortable during hot sunny days.

The materials used in each element of the stroller are absolutely top notch. The push- and bumper- bars are wrapped with nice brown leather, the frame is done with sturdy aluminium and all the seat unit and carrycot linings are really nice too. Nothing squeaks, nothing moves where it shouldn’t and all the latches give solid feedback.

Now, one thing that I’m not particularly a fan of – the stroller is absolutely massive and quite heavy compared to the competition. I realise that this might be considered as an advantage since it promises solidity, but transporting it might be a bit problematic (although the frame is fully foldable).

Besides that one, quite subjective point, there’s nothing that I’ve found bad about TURBO. It’s a solid, high quality, highly adjustable and good-looking piece of equipment that will definitely keep you baby safe and comfortable in any weather and terrain. There’s also plenty of accessories that you can get alongside the stroller, from parasols and cup-holders to changing bags – so you can always come prepared for any situation.

So go check it out and if you’re currently on the lookout for a stroller – at least give it a thought, I’m sure it will be worth every penny!

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