10 things it’s best NOT TO take for your holiday

While most of the people are telling you what to take with you on holidays, I’ll write down what it’s best to leave behind. Presets you’ll stumble upon mostly consist of chargers, comfy shoes, warmer backup clothes, headphones, sunglasses, etc. I’ve even seen information about your passport and plane ticket!

When I was first flying out I packed my baggage to its absolute limits thinking – maybe I’ll need it. I couldn’t be more wrong – I didn’t need the majority of those things.

Those lists can very depending on the kind of your trip or just the place you’ll stay.

1. Nevertheless, I mostly recommend not taking your notebook with you. Especially if you’ve got some sensitive information / docs stored on it. I’ve never used a laptop on a plane (I mostly aim at sleeping through the flight). You can watch movies during the long-distance flights or just give your eyes a rest and listen to some music. In a hotel (even those 5-star ones) it’s not worth it to leave your expensive stuff in sight. And finally, it’s an additional weight you’d have to carry.

2. If you’re staying at a hotel you can leave the towels behind (yeah, some people still packed them up for a trip) – you’ll always get provided with them. If you’re staying at your friends’ house – they’ll surely give some spare ones too.

3. As a woman, I realise how hard it is to leave your cosmetics at home, but to be honest it’s mostly excess baggage. Limit yourselves to the absolute minimum. Move your products to 100ml bottles (don’t need to fill it completely, if you’re going for a short stay you won’t need that much). You can move your creams and foundation to small boxes. You won’t need shower gel or a shampoo, some of the times you’ll also get a toothpaste and toothbrush (I use FOREO and that’s my choice every time) in the hotel. You’ll also get your cotton pads and shaving set in place. And even if your hotel doesn’t provide you with some of these things, just go to the nearest market and get what you need.

4. I’d also minimise the list of valuables to take. It’s actually best not to bring them at all. If you plan on spending your holiday by the swimming pool, on the beach or claiming – you won’t need your most expensive handbag, jewellery, high heel, watch etc. If you have a wedding ring – leave it in your hotel safe. When I go for vacation (to REST) I don’t bring anything of much value, anything I wouldn’t like to lose. Just a necklace which I never take off and a phone (which is the apple of my eye ;) ). So I don’t have to constantly worry about losing anything, about anything getting stolen or let behind somewhere.

5. 10 years ago I couldn’t imagine going out without straightening my hair, so I’m able to understand girls that would have a hard time leaving their hair straightener / curling iron at home. BUT – give you hair some rest – you’ll avoid carrying excessive baggage weight and save some time preparing yourself every day. During holidays it’s mostly enough to pin up your hair or just dry them out and model “beach waves”.

6. I always carry plenty of books with me, especially for the long-distance flights. I’m still terrified about spending 10+ hours for a flight, so I’m trying to prepare something for me to do during that time. Luckily, I’ve managed to sleep through most of my flights and when I wake up I check out what’s up in line’s multimedia offer : ) You can often find some interesting premieres! If you can, you should also use e-books.

7. Don’t take too many clothes, grab only what you’ll need. I tend to prepare a set for each day before a trip (it’s good to check the weather forecast first). Additionally, I get some extra clothes – in a case of some grapefruit juice spill, unexpected weather or plans change.

8. Don’t count you’ll do any kind of work during your holidays or catch up on your school programme. So don’t carry any work / school materials with you, you won’t use those anyway : )

9. Don’t bring your own food – it’s always worth it to try local cuisine. If you won’t like it, you’ll at least know how it tastes.

Last thing – some stuff I’ve seen in a few lists that I would actually try to avoid:

– Alarm clock – Really? Even if you have to wake up early during your holiday, you have an alarm on your phone, next to your bed or you can ask for a wake-up call in reception.
– Too many medications – You won’t need a whole first-aid kit for every possible situation. Just get some painkillers, plasters and products that will be of use in your specific situation. In my medication set you’ll find painkillers (3 kinds of them depending on the point scale – and not whole packages, just enough to get by), sleeping pills (especially if you suffer from jet lag on long-distance flights), plasters, cooling and heating Apap masks, Rutinoscorbin and some pills for a cold.
– Umbrella, bedside lamp, slippers, magazines – you’ll get those in most of the hotels
– Hair styling products
– A few sets of pyjamas

And below you can see a few of my favourite pictures from travel bags campaigns:

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