10 most adorable things about Sandy

It’s true that bulldogs tend to grunt, snort or squelch, and while for me it’s pretty annoying while people do it – I perceive this as super adorable when Sandy does it. Also, it was the most funny thing when she was learning to drink, and every time she saw us use a glass or a bottle, she tried her best to do it herself.


Because of this breed being really emotionally sensitive, they tend to feel moods and vibes around really well. Whenever I’m sad she’s very caring, and when she feels I might be mad at her because she did something bad, she just goes with sad face to her playpen. I mean, how can I be mad at her, when she just stares at me with those miserable eyes from her place, waiting till I call her :)

When we fall asleep together in a bed and I have to get up and do something, she just gets up and sits there waiting for me. When I’m back, she snuggles into me or lays down on her back, leaving only her head and hands uncovered under the quilt – exactly like a human.

She can just lie around on most odd places, like right in the middle of the room or a patio, despite having really comfortable playpen, or a mat a few steps further. But whenever she sees an insect or smells something new, she just instantly gets up, ready to run.


When she was younger, she loved to force her way through tightest places – whenever she saw any kind of aperture she had to go through it, even if it was easier and faster to go around. She still shows that a bit, even though she’s twice as big now.

She’s always hungry, and I mean ALWAYS, even 5 minutes after her meal. It stressed me out a bit in the beginning, and I was constantly counting if I’m feeding her properly, and I always did. Luckily, she moves a lot, so she burns all her extra snacks.

She likes to watch tv, especially in the evening, before going to sleep. She’s even able to fall asleep when there’s loud music playing in the room.


She took her first bath really well. And because of high temperatures outside, after the bath she was more lively than ever – I guess she likes this kind of refreshment.

When there’s noone to play with her, she grabs her teddy bear or a minion on goes around the house, showing she needs attention. It looks really cute, like she’s walking her toys.

She fears none and nothing, one thing that is still kind of hard for her is jumping down from the bed – unless she hears someone is in the kitchen ;p

PS. Big Thank You for Valentini for the bag you can see in the photos.